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Hybrid Ceramic Sealant

Stronger, glossier, and longer lasting than wax!


Hybrid Ceramic Sealant creates a stronger shield of protection when compared to conventional wax. It is a particular variety of automotive sealant that is made up of synthetic ingredients, called polymers, in a liquid base applied to a car’s finish during detailing. The sealant creates a barrier between the finish and outside elements, preventing damage and preserving the attractiveness of the car’s appearance.

Our top of the line Megiar’s Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant application lasts 6 months with regular maintenance. Ask us about ongoing detail services at discounted rate.

Hybrid Ceramic Sealant, Polymer Sealant, Car Paint Protection
Hybrid Ceramic Sealant - Car paint protection - mobile exterior detail - East Bay, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda County

Substituting wax with hybrid ceramic sealant is highly recommended for customers who park outdoors, daily commuters, and anyone who wants the best protection available. Its glossy, liquid-like shimmer enhances all paint types and colors.

Hybrid Ceramic Sealant is now included with our Exterior Detail and Full Detail services.

If getting a different service, please select this add-on upon making your appointment request.

See our pricing pages for service details.

“Terrific! Ceramic Sealant lasts quite a while, and is currently my go to service for my personal ride, a 17 year old Ford truck that I still get frequent compliments on the paint.” – Mike, Oakland

“Amazing finish with an amazing shine and depth to the paint. Gives the paint a really high gloss/wet finish and leads to amazing beading after any type of water exposure. Durability has exceeded expectation!” – Doug, Piedmont

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