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Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Clean Green Mobile specializes in providing car detail services with zero impact to the environment and your health. Our internally developed car detail techniques consist of an exterior wash and detail using just 2 gallons of water*, pressurized steam to detail and sanitize the interior of your vehicle, and non-toxic, fragrance-free solutions for those difficult to clean spots and stains. Read more about us.

Eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly car wash, auto detailing service

It’s all about saving water and our future. The average car wash can waste up to 15 gallons of water on one vehicle. Imagine all that water going down the drain! At Clean Green Mobile we use just 2 gallons of neutral PH balanced vehicle cleaning solution to clean the exterior, windows and wheels. No wastewater run off and no excessive use of water. It’s that simple!

*Rinseless wash subject to vehicle condition.

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Non-toxic cleaning solutions, water saving, drought-friendly car wash, Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay
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