System X Windshield Coating is the ultimate hydrophobic glass protection. It is chemically engineered to react with silica element of glass, creating a bond unmatched by other products.

After a treatment, water repels instantaneously from the glass. It also makes dirt, debris, insects, fingerprints, and anything much easier to clean off. It produces a substantially clearer windshield, resulting in a safer drive in any environment.


Polymer Sealant is stronger, glossier, and lasts longer than wax. This protective automotive sealant creates a barrier between the finish and outside elements, preventing damage while enhancing the attractiveness of your vehicle with a liquid-like shimmer.

Our top of the line Pro Polymer II Sealant lasts 6 months with regular maintenance.

“Amazing finish with an amazing shine and depth to the paint. Gives the paint a really high gloss finish and leads to amazing beading after any type of water exposure. Durability has exceeded expectation!” – Doug

Electrostatic Disinfecting is a groundbreaking technology that attacks microbes, decontaminating all surfaces efficiently and effectively.

It brings interior disinfecting to a whole new level of clean!

Add it to your Interior Detail service for just $60.

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