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Meet Oscar

Thank you for visiting Clean Green Mobile. I'm so glad to see you here and look forward to meeting you and providing excellent car detailing services.


I created Clean Green Mobile in 2009 with one goal in mind "provide a service outside of the conventional" a Green and Sustainable service with out the use of fragrances and toxic chemicals. What started as a simple business plan has now become a favorite and go-to service for thousands of people here in the Bay Area.


I've dedicated 15 years learning and perfecting my craft to produce the best results and providing outstanding customer service. I'll treat your car with the care and patience it takes to care for my own vehicles. If your car isn't turning heads or getting a "WOW!" I'll guarantee it does.

Thank you in advance for your business and for supporting our small business community!

Oscar Kegel, Owner of Cleen Green Mobile, Car Detailing in the East Bay
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